Organic & Natural Products Expo Africa

In association with the African Biotrade Festival.

14 – 16 September 2023

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

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Meet the Jane Mackenzie and the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Team at the Organic and Natural Expo 14-16th September, Sandton Convention Centre

Jane will be on the panel discussion called “Empowered Voices”, where women share their journeys in the industry

We are back due to last year’s resounding success

Walk in live Quantum Medical Centre

On offer

✅Free Health scans – 5 mins – have pamphlets
✅365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Pure Nutrient range
✅Relaxation Grounding bar
✅Revive IV Drip Bar – Oxygen, Glutathione. Vit C & B’s, Minerals
✅Starting up your own Health Business Opportunities
✅Holistic Ancestral Orientation- emotional clearing opportunities
✅Holistic Business Orientation opportunities

?Jane speaking on the O&N Opportunities Imbizo women’s platform

?Jane speaking on Life Force and Vitality: Energy is are our Currency at the main event