• Capsules / powders / liquids / tinctures / moisturises / balms – on request
  • The mixes are potentiated products – ie strengthened and so less is required
  • Furthermore many of the products/mixes when taken together are also potentiated
  • The packaging is organic/biodegradable/compostable/non-plastic/no oxidation
  • All products are 100% pure – no fillers. Natural, Organic or Wild Harvested
  • All oils are organic and cold-pressed Capsules are 500mg large size

As a Pharmacist and Internationally accredited Nutrition Consultant and having studied and researched disease, illness, treatment and cures over the last 30 years, I have completed a full 360 degree circle and confirm that,

‘Our Food is Our medicine and Our medicine is Our Food’ (Hippocrates)

Most people suffer from dis-ease due to two reasons, viz., they are toxic and nutrient deficient. Most of this is attributable to the nutrient deficient food we eat and toxins in the environment, food and daily products we use.

The combined effect of using the intelligent 365 Healthy By Choice products results in setting up a Stress Defence Shield to protect the body from pathogens developing within the body and fight established infections and chronic diseases. They are used together with the Detox-Nutrient dense fortifying programme which is designed for each individual using a Personal Nutritional Profile (PNP). The blood pH needs to remain at an optimal level of 7.4, when this balance is disturbed is when the pathogens develop within us automatically. Pathogens and mineral deficiency The combined effect of using the intelligent 365 Healthy By Choice products results in setting up a Stress Defence Shield contribute to almost all dis-ease.

The 365 Healthy By Choice products are carefully designed to potentiate the active ingredients and to work synergistically with the other products that form a Stress Defence Shield. This means that by combining the medicinal mushrooms together potentiates the total effect of each and you need less. Furthermore, the effect of taking Medicinal Mushrooms with Blue-Green algae and vitamin C results in 27x the effect of the products taken individually. Also, if taken with a warm cacao drink or in a cacao based smoothie the stimulant / anti-stimulant effects are balanced and create harmony within the body, mind and soul.

Most of the products are intelligent adaptogens whereby the plant works within each body according to individual needs as one goes about their daily life, they thus maintain the levitational-gravitational balance of the body.

365 Healthy By Choice products are sourced from around the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Southern Africa and Packed in South Africa.

The products are certified and naturally, organically or wild sourced. They are guaranteed 100% pure and free from synthetic additives, fillers and preservatives.

They are handcrafted and available in capsules, powders, tinctures and imprinted in EM solutions.

The packaging is biodegradable, amber glass to prevent oxidation, plant cellulose capsules suitable for vegans and made of recyclable/reusable.Please recycle the bottle.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.Store in a cool dark cupboard below 30 degrees C.