· Uncover Past Deep Emotional Traumas
· Reduce Anxiety, Anger, Grief, Sadness and Hatred
· Reduce Dis-ease and Maximise your potential
· Build Life force and Inner Alchemy
· Restore Health, Wellbeing and Happiness
(Physical, Neurological, Emotional & Spiritual)

How to Harness your Innate Power to heal with HAO?

 “Why me?”
“Why do I carry the burdens of my parents and grandparents?”

“Why is life soooo hard?”

“It’s because you carry their DNA, blood, memories and emotional molecules” says Jane Mackenzie

“Why do I have to suffer all these traumas?” I am asked

When I ask “What have you learnt, understood, gained from these traumas after the HAO healing experience the answer is most often the same “I have gained strength, I am more resilient, I am able to understand why I am here …… after a long pause …. I am here to learn life lessons to enhance self-discovery

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“I never looked at life this way, I feel free and peaceful!”

“HAO Emotional release, stopped alcohol addiction many years, stopped smoking after many years”

“Makes perfect sense! An HAO experience clarified my authentic existential reality!”

“I fully understand that I am carrying the inherited molecules from my parents””

“The HAO experience enabled spontaneous healing through self-responsibility leading to self-transformation and the achievement of self-discovery”