Holistic Quantum Health & Wellbeing Academy

The 365 HBC Holistic Quantum Health and Wellbeing Academy is a leading international academy offering evidence-based medicine. Practical and theoretical knowledge is offered to students with a thirst for self-empowerment and see their role as educators to their clients and patients, thereby assisting them with self-empowerment.

Our methodologies include a paradigm shift in thinking using validated and verified Quantum Health Assessments (SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUED, Prof. W. Nelson/Desire Dubounet) which provide the basis for root causes of disease identification and risk factor assessment. Thereafter, accurate re-alignment of the Body Electric is achieved, and progress is tracked, using holistic, natural and energetic options such as the “State-of-the-Art” Quantum technology using the worlds’ largest health software platform. This offers Biofeedback and Bio-resonance, Food State Nutrients and Herbs, Alchemically produced minerals, Para-magnetism and Oxygen.

To successfully enable a shift from illness to wellness, a health practitioner or advisor requires training in a form of a natural, holistic, interdependent and interconnected standpoint. This creates the platform for global evidenced based medicine ensuring vitality and enhancement of the Human Genome, which is inspired, limitless and borderless.

Founder, Jane Mackenzie (MBA, B Pharm), is a board-certified Pharmacist and is internationally certified in Nutrigenomics, Homotoxicology, Epigenetics, Quantum SCIO/Eductor, Live Blood Analysis, Auricular Acupuncture, Craniosacral and Bach Flower Remedies. The PhD, currently being completed, encompasses Jane’s lifework and passion is to assist in the restoration of health and thereafter to reach individual desired health and wellbeing levels by living our purpose.

The Internationally recognized NPQ certificate/diploma/degree courses offer graduates a fast-track option to achieve a university recognized diploma (6 months) or degree (1 year), as the student can progress at their own pace. The Degrees and Diplomas are awarded from the American British Graduate University. Students already enrolled on degree or diploma courses can fast track their accreditation more cost-effectively and become economically active sooner.

All applications need to include a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology unless the curriculum of a medical, health, biological or scientific qualification had covered this.