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  • AUD: $126.53

5G Anti-EMF Radiation Protection Pendant
Set up a 5G and EMF protection shield around you 24/7, including frequencies, but not limited to, Reduce Stress, Repair the DNA, Balance Earth Energy, Harmonise the Brain with Happiness & Contentment, Reverse Aging, Improve Joint Pain and Increase Blood Circulation

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  • The premier pendant for protection against negative 5G & EMF effects
  • Hand made using natural resin which is durable and can be wet
  • Package includes sleek, stylish, durable pendant Fashionable self-confidence booster – empowering pendant, strengthen the body’s biofield, increase physical vitality throughout your day.
  • Enhances the body’s natural defences against the damaging radiation coming from all EMF devices
  • Natural stress reliever,calmness inducer and wellbeing enhancer
  • Beneficial in purifying and neutralising one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy.
  • Best if worn on the body on achain/leather necklace or carry in a purse or in a pocket.
  • Natural remedy improves your well-being
  • Proudly worn by pro athletes,doctors, celebrities, creative minds, business professionals, musicians, yoga, fitness & outdoor enthusiasts, students
    and others

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