Holistic Ancestral Orientation
Trying to navigate our way through life is often emotional and confusing and we are presented with conflicting answers, never sure which path is correct, we don’t always have clarity nor know where to look…. And the body reflects this …. In the form of dis-ease

Ever pondered why this is?

We live in the confusion of the conscious mind chasing a false reality …. Blaming challenges on others without accepting full responsibility for what we have set up

Why is this so? What am I looking for? Who am I? What is this life all about?

How about tapping into your sub-conscious and super-conscious and finding clarity?

☯️About HAO – Holistic Ancestral Orientation

Reconnection to authentic self is key as distortion of existential reality occurred when we mentally adapted to emotional traumas and experiences – this leads to the manifestation of false realities and ultimately in body dis-ease

?Rediscovering existential authentic reality – and who am I
?Nurturing, Nourishing and supporting the soul and generations of trauma
?Restoring peace and happiness”
?Your body does not lie
?Feel the shift, know that you have shifted – often instantaneous – You will know this as your body will tell you

☯️When we tap into the universal field we receive clarity

Testimony 1
“Anazing … never felt this level of peace before ….and the body pain has gone!”

Testimony 2
“Wow, I never looked at life in this way before, and now I see the pattern and how I was caught up in a false reality”

Testimony 3
“Been shouldering the death of my mom for 19 years and now I feel contented and no shoulder pain”

?Possible interruptions people share:

“My mom had to put me up for adoption when I was born”

“My Dad/Mom drank too much”

“I was molested as a child”

“I was part of the war”

“ I have never met my Dad”

“My parents left me to go and work in the city or another country”

“I was sent to boarding school at the age of 5 in another country and only saw my parents every 5 years”

☯️See your life’s story as a coping mechanism
?Reform your story false conscious experience
?See that what we resist persists
?Reconnect with your true self
?Outperform your “old” self and achieve levels of happiness and success not previously known
?Clear the dis-ease in the body
?Experience freedom
?Live your life in the present
?Know what is your business and what is not

☯️The work requires courage and trust

☯️HAO bookings
Please txt Jane Mackenzie (MBA, B Pharm, Med Board Cert Quant Ther) on WA +27 83 4596208
In-person or Virtual R1200 1 hour


Why we need a Holistic Orientation

A holistic and systems approach is all-inclusive and focuses on what is the best outcome for all. The holistic approach viewed in animals, nature, the soil is part of the world web in which humans live and depend upon. It is based on inclusion, interdependency, and interrelationship between all parts. Holism is represented by systems thinking, quantum physics, relativity, and the universal field wherein the zero-point exist. Holism is known by the ancestors on all continents of the world.

The world is experiencing unparalleled and unprecedented changes representing a call for global paradigm shifts across many areas. These shifts represent evolutionary changes and relate to the current world view and the structures and models used over the past, especially the last 100 years. These models requiring a shift include, but are not limited to, health and wellness, government, finances, environment, family, homes, education, and resources. The current world view is not based on holism, rather reductionism, except for in some parts of the world in the East and indigenous tribes.

Many researchers in the West have studied systems-based approaches for the world and humans. Modern day scientists and physicists, especially in the last one hundred years, have used systems, quantum physics and relativity to mathematically validate holism. These researchers are unable to mathematically measure the universal field, the zero-point nor the quantum collapse which brings about a paradigm shift. This is where they turn to the Eastern philosophies to understand experience as this not quantifiable, rather a feeling. Eastern philosophies are modelled on Taoism, yin and yang, harmony, and inclusion where there is a win-win focus. This philosophy of holism is applied to all areas mentioned above. This approach and natural medicines are not new and have been used by humanity for thousands of years.

In the last one hundred years in particular the world has been modelled on a reductionist and exclusive system, having a win at all costs approach especially in the West. Everyday experiences show deterioration in the West with past reductionist, exclusive models failing to keep track with evolution showing increases in sick people, unstable financial systems, environmental damage, extinction of animals, single parent homes and outdated education systems.

These unprecedented changes are paralleled in the human body over the last one hundred years and are reflected as disharmony in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is evidenced by the increased levels of chronic disease, number of emotional disorders, mental disease hospitals overflowing, increased addictions, isolation, and hopeless despair. At least 50% of the adult population in the USA takes three chronic medications. There has been a 15% increase in the number of medicines being prescribed over the last fifteen years. The Covid-19 epidemic has increased the incidence of disease and deaths within the global population. With the introduction of the Flexner report in 1917, all natural methods of healing were removed from the medical schools leaving allopathic medicines available. These medicines were designed to reduce symptoms after a diagnosis has been made in a fifteen -minute consultation. This reductionist approach is the Biomedical Model mostly followed today.  Doctors are showing an increased risk of suicide when compared to the general population, with male doctors 6showing a 60% higher risk and female doctors 140% higher risk.

These changes have escalated over the past 100 years where businesses, following reductionist models have also had to realign themselves more holistically and inclusively to remain competitive. The shift being in the favour of employees and customers. Current research has shown that those companies who invested in staff wellbeing, health and safety have performed at 2% higher than the S&P 500 companies over the last 10 years. These companies are experiencing fewer sick days and spending less on medical bills and have a competitive advantage when it comes to staff retention and applications.