Regenerative and Nutrition

Medicinal Mushroom Mix


Adult Oral dosage: 2 capsules daily as a single dose building up to 4 capsules in divided doses in the morning and evening as required. Swallow with a lot of liquid and drink plenty of water during the day.
Children < 12 years of age: half the adult dosage.
Pregnant, lactating mothers & infants < 1 year of age to consult a doctor.

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Potentiated Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake,
Maitake, Lion?s Mane
Sleep and Mood elevation
Stress and Nervous System exhaustion
Stimulation of Stem Cell production
Rejuvenation and repair of cells
Protection of vital organs
Enhanced Brain function, Memory and Concentration
Regulated Hormonal system
Physical strength, endurance and stamina

Ingredients per 500mg veg capsule
Chaga powder 180mg
Reishi powder 180mg
Shitake powder 180mg
Maitake powder 180mg
Lion?s Mane 180mg
Cordyceps extract 100mg

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