Liver Cleanse & Restore 120


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Liver cleanse and irradiation protection
Detox and elimination

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  • Food state as nature intended*
  • Cleanse and restore the liver
  • Enhances liver metabolism
  • Combines well with Fat Go!, Weight Loss, Blood Vessel Cleanse, Male and Female Hormone Boost
  • Combines well with Chanca Piedra for liver and gall stones


Ingredients: Schizandra Berry, Chanca Piedra, Medicinal Mushroom Mix, Algae mix, Dandelion, Tumeric, Green tea ext., Passion flower, Wild organic kelp, L-Carnitine, MSM, Citrus bioflavanoids

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• Schizandra Berry
• Chanca Piedra
• Medicinal Mushroom Mix
• Algae mix
• Dandelion
• Tumeric
• Green tea ext.
• Passion flower
• Wild organic kelp
• L-Carnitine
• Citrus bioflavanoids
Adult dosage: 1-2 caps daily or as directed

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