Each vegetable capsule contains 500mg of pure Coriolus

Dosage recommendation is 2-4 caps a day or as directed

Transferred immunity and stem cell activation
Sleep and Mood elevation
Stress and Nervous System exhaustion
Stimulation of Stem Cell production
Rejuvenation and repair of cells
Protection of vital organs
Enhanced Brain function, Memory and Concentration
Regulated Hormonal system and Hypothalamus

Physical strength, endurance and stamina

Often used with or post chemotherapy

Evidence suggests the following benefits:

Potent antioxidants
Assist in reducing cancer cells and tumour reduction
Immune boosting
Reduces stress, fatigue, anxiety & inflammation
Calms the nervous system
Supports cardiovascular health and improves circulation
Reishi lowers blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol
Skin health and Acne
Liver disease
Improves digestion and gut heath
Assists with altitude sickness
Balances hormones
Increase brain function, focus and brain stem cell regeneration (Lion’s Mane)
Boosts energy, athletic improvement, improves oxygen carrying capacity, increases ATP synthesis
Enhanced endurance, delays muscle fatigue
Healthy sex drive
Eliminates toxins
Assist with insomnia
Promotes youthful look and longevity through stem cell production & activation
Protection against Diabetes
Rich in minerals and vitamins (B)
Improved weight management
Improved Vit D assimilation
Promotes a sense of well-being
Ergosterols – oxygen