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Now more than ever before there is a Human shift towards realignment with the Authentic, Original, Organic, True Self. This course is a combination of theory and provides skills to equip the student to live sustainably in many areas. Jane Mackenzie has incorporated all of what she presents in this comprehensive course in her sustainable, off-grid home and shares real life examples.  She warns of the many toxins found in the air, water, food and ground and provides practical methods to prevent damage to health. Prevention is always better than waiting for when it’s too late.



1 Introduction:
Interdependent and Interconnected world, Quantum, 4 Kingdoms: Soil/microbes, Plants, Animals, Humans, Sun, Life and living, True self-sustainability, Re-alignment with the Authentic, Original, Organic, True Self
Books, Questions, Exam

2 Organic Food & Vegetable growing:
Composting, Composting options, Worm farms, Soil Fertility, Manure types, Effective microorganisms, Bed Layout, Tree holes, Balcony planting, Germination, Planting, Seeds, Seedlings, Vegetables, Berries, Fruit trees, Mulching, Harvesting, Natural pest control, Crop rotation, Attracting bees, flies and wasp pollinators and Permaculture, Biodynamic and Krusei methods
Books, Questions, Exam

3 Indigenous Gardening:
Biomes, Water-wise plants, Soil wettability, Activated water, Natural soil health, Establishing a forest, Soil microbes, attracting nematodes, Attracting birds, insects and butterflies to the garden and Natural pesticides
Books, Questions, Exam

4 Home Ecology:
Home chemicals and toxins to be aware of, Mould, Dampness, Light, Special arrangement, Heat, Insulation, Recycling, upcycling, composting, Food storage, Food fermentation and how to make Probiotics, Kefir, kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Miso, Idly, Natto paste, Food dehydration, Seed Sprouting, Natural body products and Natural cleaning products
Books, Questions, Exam

5 Water conservation:
Water consumption, Water tanks, Roof runoff and catchment, irrigation options, water purification, Grey water, Red water, Toilet options and French drains and estimated reduction plans
Books, Questions, Exam

6 Electricity Off-Grid Living:
Electricity consumption, Gas consumption, Solar consumption, Consumption reduction plans, Solar geyser options, Photovoltaic options, under floor water heating options and space heating option
Books, Questions, Exam

7 Radiation
Steps to prevent excessive exposure, Earthing and Grounding techniques, Earthing mats, Foods having radiation protection, Clothing and materials offering radiation protection, Paramagnetic rock dust towers, Quantum options
Books, Questions, Exam

8 Animal Husbandry
Chickens, Rabbits, Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Nutrition, Diseases and Health
Books, Questions, Exam