6) Radiation

Steps to prevent excessive exposure, Earthing and Grounding techniques, Earthing mats, Foods having radiation protection, Clothing and materials offering radiation protection, Paramagnetic [...]

6) Radiation2020-11-04T22:32:02+02:00

5) Electricity Off-Grid Living

Electricity consumption, Gas consumption, Solar consumption, Consumption reduction plans, Solar geyser options, Photovoltaic options, under floor water heating options and space heating [...]

5) Electricity Off-Grid Living2020-11-04T22:30:57+02:00

4) Water conservation

Water consumption, Water tanks, Roof runoff and catchment, irrigation options, water purification, Grey water, Red water, Toilet options and French drains and [...]

4) Water conservation2020-11-04T22:29:10+02:00

2) Home Ecology

Home chemicals and toxins to be aware of, Mould, Dampness, Light, Special arrangement, Heat, Insulation, Recycling, upcycling, composting, Food storage, Food fermentation [...]

2) Home Ecology2020-11-04T22:27:45+02:00

3) Indigenous Gardening

Biomes, Water-wise plants, Soil wettability, Activated water, Natural soil health, Establishing a forest, Soil microbes, attracting nematodes, Attracting birds, insects and butterflies [...]

3) Indigenous Gardening2020-11-04T22:28:24+02:00

1) Organic Food & Vegetable growing

Composting, Composting options, Worm farms, Soil Fertility, Manure types, Effective microorganisms, Bed Layout, Tree holes, Balcony planting, Germination, Planting, Seeds, Seedlings, Vegetables, [...]

1) Organic Food & Vegetable growing2020-11-04T22:26:26+02:00

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