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Live Blood Analysis 45minutes
Root Causes, Validated Risk Factors & Rebalancing Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Virtual or In-person 24/7, Immediate and Global appointments Using either: Quantum EDUCTOR SCIO 11000, or Live Blood Analysis plus Quantum Resonance 400 Including:
  • Unique Nutrition programme
  • Unique Detox programme
  • Unique Lifestyle programme
  • Excluding: Food State Nutrients
  • ZAR: R 890.00
  • EUR: €43.70
  • GBP: £37.63
  • AUD: $72.67
9) IV O2 Maximiser Drip - Chronic Dis-ease Detox Reset, Restore & Rejuvenate 2-3 hours
Pure, Fast, Safe, Effective & Affordable Get to the O2 Centre today as Chronic Illness does not have to be life-long. A baseline assessment of your dis-ease, risk factors and the root causes will indicate your protocol to maximised health within minutes and the O2 Maximiser Deep Cellular Nourish and Detox 2-3 hour IV drip, price of the consultation is included. The Medically trained and registered professional staff at the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Centre in Bryanston will change your life as you go through our process of  Reset, Restore, Rejuvenate and Rejoice once introduced to our high Life Force Nourishment and Detoxification processes Our protocols have been tried and trusted to produce results across the disease spectrum and will result in raised Energy levels, Immunity and reduced Toxicity and Stress as Nature intended. These levels you may not have known before, or perhaps forgotten existed! Complimentary: Health Scan Quantum assessment and Nutrition, Detox and Life Style Consultation. Relax in the tranquil and oxygen enriched, organic environment filled with birdlife and sunlight. We can also assist with Live Blood Analysis before and after and our Quantum SCIO/EDUCTOR/QUEX ED 1000 software on root causes of disease and realignment Life Force Café: Choose your healthy smoothie or hot beverage from the Life Force Café menu while you enjoy the relaxed, organic and natural surroundings in Bryanston. Complimentary: Wifi connection Book today ...don't delay
  • ZAR: R 1,450.00
  • EUR: €71.20
  • GBP: £61.31
  • AUD: $118.39
8) All In Energy and Immune Boost Mega Bomb - 45 mins
ENERGY BOOST Vitamin B12, B complex, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chlorine 45 mins Complimentary 5 minute Quantum assessment and consultation  
  • ZAR: R 1,348.00
  • EUR: €66.18
  • GBP: £56.99
  • AUD: $110.07
  • ZAR: R 1,550.00
  • EUR: €76.11
  • GBP: £65.54
  • AUD: $126.56
Infra-Red Sauna 30 minutes
What is Far Infra-red? The sun’s rays have electromagnetic energy. Infra-Red is part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum and we feel it as heat which is fundamental to or survival. Infra-Red heat is also called ‘radiant heat’, a form of energy that heats objects directly without heating the air inbetween. Modern science has proved that this part of the suns’ invisible spectrum is highly beneficial for the human body. The far infrared (14 micron)rays occur at the end of the spectrum where they can penetrate3-4 cm into the organs, tissues and cells of the body. The therapeutic benefit increases for a few days after treatment.
  • ZAR: R 349.00
  • EUR: €17.14
  • GBP: £14.75
  • AUD: $28.50