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Shop G3b, Casterbridge Life Style Centre. Cnr R40 and Numbi Road, White River 1240

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  • ZAR: R 833.00
  • EUR: €40.32
  • GBP: £35.31
  • AUD: $67.55


078 887 2022

Think clearly and live productively.

Maximise your Health with leading-edge Quantum scans, Food State nutrients and Services from our Well-being Centre

Quantum Health scans and treatment, Live Blood – Analysis, Acupuncture, Nutrients, IR-Sauna

Please note, due to fluctuations in Rand/Dollar exchange, prices are subject to change from time to time.

  1. Natural Health Specialist, Regenerative Nutrition Consulting Pharmacist focusing on anti-aging, DNA reset, nutrigenomics using Nutrient Dense Foods, detoxification and purification of the body using products she has compounded, Live blood analysis, Acupuncture, SCIO, QRMA,
  1. Owner and compounding pharmacist for 365 Healthy by Choice Ormus Gold Nutrient Dense Foods for the Future range of products
  1. Professional speaker and webinar presenter
  2. Delivery of courses, workshops and seminars
  3. Works with a team of professionals at a cancer practice
  4. Consultant in Sustainable Green, Living and Biodynamic food growing