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As we grow, we all learn to act in time and space. All humans have the ability to perceive beyond the present moment into the future and the past using premonitions and natural causality.

What if we could increase this ability?

Introducing the Piezo, Orgone, Scalar, Schuurman, Tachyon, Bio-Photon Field


Feel Powerfully Present

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All secret services of the world have been experimenting with premonitions, occult, perspective, impulse, hunches, and how to expand on them because they know it works. They know they can use this in the field if they train agents properly.

People have a basic instinct of premonition. They can sense fear. Most of us think of the world as a physical world with rules like the rules of a chess game. But these rules do not work that way off the chessboard.

Animals have this precognition premonition ability. When the Pacific tsunami occurred, not one animal (except those in cages) died and almost 300 000 people died.

There is an objective, physical and intermittent reality force, yin and yang seen in the physical reality of what was seen in dreams. There is also a subjective mental force which interprets reality, and this mental force can definitely affect manifestation, actualise dreams and provide protection.

Yin and yang give us the ability to see into the future, have premonitions, expand our ideas, be more in touch with our feelings and emotions; feel them more, be able to affect the past.

What if we can have a greater effect on the time and the future?

Every time we look into the future it changes as we have looked at it. Time is like an ocean of currents which feel like rivers, as we swim through life making decisions, to turn left or right, or do nothing, which even non-action is something. If we choose to swim left and then realise it’s a mistake, we send the premonition back to the original decision in the past, back in time, so we can make a proper choice. We all have this ability and can tell the stories.

We make multiple mass decisions hourly and daily that can affect you and not all are right ones, may be wrong ones.


This is our ability to change the past. Can the laws of physics predict the choices people make?

Are the fundamental rules that when everything is set in motion, from a given starting point, lead us to one possible outcome?


The oscillating TIME CRYSTAL changes shape and thus produces an “intemporelle” Piezoelectric current.

Can we use a TIME CRYSTAL to affect the past or change the past?

Einstein used a type of “Block Universe” framework, E=MC², in which he could not incorporate his “spooky action at a distance” theory. He knew it was real but could not accept the concept of ENTWINEMENT.

Time is more of an ocean of currents

The TIME CRYSTAL PENDANT device enables humans to be bathed in an active real time sea of quantum frequencies, inter-dimensionally, to live at a higher frequency, protect one from harmful frequencies, including radiation, and to propel people forward as the future is created from a powerfully present position.


Non-Life Forces (entropy) affect the body negatively. We have an electrical interface device operating on a free energy battery producing a scalar field with a lifetime battery setting up an enhanced life force field as if you are in a bubble. This forms a shield against aberrant negative bio-electric magnetic radiation. It does not block radiation, it stimulates your body to deal with it and turns positive entropy (negative Orgon) into positive energy, thus fortifying your body electric.

The TIME CRYSTAL activates the opening of chakra portals


Using the TIME CRYSTAL at various chakra points, it will activate the chakra portal it is closest to. For example, used at the brow it assists you see into the future, at the heart it enhances feelings and at the stomach it enhances gut feelings which are better feelings.


This clearing of negative life-force energy is very powerful as it declutters the body electric resulting in increased charge. The reported feelings and scalar wave adjustments are palpable physically, objectively and realised subjectively (mentally) in the ability to obtain greater clarity through premonitions, present, past and future. There is a reported sense of being powerfully present.

Potentiated Clearing

The TIME CRYSTAL electrical device is further potentiated with the magic of medicinal mushrooms having their own time and space ability, as does pangamic yeast and mustard seeds. These all assist with raising negative entropy and life force.

Individual and collective transformation


This TIME CRYSTAL will increase our ability to make fewer stupid decisions and more intellectual decisions. Groups or teams who wear these TIME CRYSTAL pendants will begin to experience more non-verbal sharing and caring and begin to operate collectively at a higher life force. It is a new type of matter independent of time and in the scalar field operating at the biological interface. This living energy interacts with your energy, so you become part of the TIME CRYSTAL’s battery.

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