Just some testimonials of people’s health lives changed and improved!

Gall Bladder

“Hi Jane. My gosh, this flush really works!! I can’t believe what is coming out. Does this also help lower cholesterol levels? I hope you are well.”

“Let me just say that if I didn’t meet Jane at the time that I did…I don’t know if I would be alive right now. My body was shutting down in all sorts of ways. The gall bladder attacks literally felt like I was dying, amongst many other things. The cleanse was the beginning of feeling alive again. I had lumps on my breasts, cysts…my eye sight is so much better. I hardly wear glasses anymore. There is so much more.”

“Hi Jane.i tried the gall bladder.its amazing”

“I do the Gall bladder flush regularly. I have Chanca Piedra at Night. I take cell vitality drops with DMSO during the day… So much has changed…I feel healthy, happy and have so much energy to live my Purpose.”

Calcification occurs often when there is long term acidity and little flow or movement in the body – like coral in the sea

Use Chanca piedra and our Decalcify Flush salts to decalcify the body.

Use Replenish electrolytes to alkalinise the body WITH Boron to put calcium back into the bones

DMSO – plant tree sap great to apply topically on cramps, aches, pains and inflammation – and in sore organs and painful growths

“Plant based, Food State, Nutrient Dense and High Life Force Nature made Food as Medicine”

“Hi Jane DMSO saves the day. My partner did 140kms on his bicycle today and just now had a massive cramp in his leg. First thing i grabbed or had at hand, because i didn’t have anything else either, was my Dmso, i applied it at the origin area of the cramp. In a manner of not even 2 minutes the cramp subsided and was gone”

“Severe autoimmune pain and inflammation with v high blood pressure – 24 hours later: “Jane thanks. Feeling so much better today. No pain.”

All-in-One Reset box

Testimony – lady over 75yrs
Resistant high Blood Pressure and on BP meds drops to a normal level in 3 days and is sustained over a period of 9 days
???????Testimony to the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE
All-in-One Reset box of 4 products
?Cell Vitality OxyMinerals
?DMSO Plant sap
?Microbiome Reser probiotic
?Flaxseed oil

Set of 3 castor oil, cell vitality and DMSO PLUS oral Cell Vitality OxyMinerals

“Hi Jane, my friend from Bulgaria is very happy , she drink the drops now for 8 days ,she start with 2 drops 4 times per day, now she take 3 drops 4 times per day. She has real diaria at the moment. If she take some food or with out food, she is running to the toilet. How she have to continue with the drops. I’m sending some photos before the drops and after 8 days drinking the drops.Pleace advice us how she have to continue.”


“Our client needed to be guided into the office as was “blind” – two consultations with emotional release plus Quantum Medical sessions and 365 HBC nutrients – he is now waking 3km a day on his own, making tea etc – walked straight into the office last week. He left and walked out and even left his glasses behind – OMW- miracles” ???


“Client has TB and BS and BP – blood thick and full of toxins – vax’d
Dr changed the TB tablets the day before to 4 strong meds in one tablet – well long story short – he had a toxic reaction to the meds in the office – a glass of our oxygen saved him – he went into shock and we treated him on the Quantum device after that – he is stable – stopped the meds – BP and BS normal readings – this one was serious and we pulled through – thank goodness he was with us” – ?


“Wonderful TESTIMONIAL from a young lady 26 years been on a few serious meds for a number of years?? She started the RESET kit (Cell Vitality OxyMinerals , DMSO, Flaxseed oil, Microbiome Reset)
plus Liver cleanse and Gall bladder Flush ??

These types of testimonials daily and we are sooooo blessed ??????? Well done to all invest in their health and are striving to purify their bodies and minds and follow PREVENTION????? This is how we raise our LIFE FORCE

ENERGY being our currency ????”


“Cell oxygen reading 46/100, numb all over- a few 02 Maximiser drips later and our 365 HBC NUTRIENTS, Quantum Med Device and Emotional Release and she is a happy stable 29 year old” ???


This lady decided to stop her 8 medications after taking them for a few years as they were not making her well and in fact making her more ill – higher BP , insulin doses and higher BS

Look now at the readings after about 10 days – v impressive BS reading after taking insulin for years – we are removing the insulin resistance and provoking the body to increase insulin sensitivity on its own again and she is sleeping better, eating better and awake

Congratulations to her and her daughter who is assisting her

We are working with her to purify using:

?QUED ED (Eductor, SCIO) Quantum software

?365 HBC Nutrients

?Family Orientation & Reconnection Emotional release


“A lady bloated, swollen fingers and joints, itching everywhere, skin a mess – in one week unrecognisable – no inflammation, no itching, beautiful skin – ???she is most grateful as was at her wit’s end”


“Our special needs 9 year old child is at school and is speaking? I can hardly control my joy at receiving this news from his father
The parents did everything we recommended Amazing – medical breakthrough

In fact ALL the children coming thoroug the 365 HBC Center are speaking

The mothers are “speechless”


“Assisted 3 new children this week to purify. Past children talking, sleeping and concentrating
Hands and limbs softening, upward gaze now centred, with improved communication and alertness and oxygen levels over 80 – mother has referred x 6 new children as a result!! – these children all on 365 HBC cold pressed flaxseed oil, off all heated fat of any kind, off dairy, off wheat and off sugar

Huge increase in % clients on whole food, plant based, nutrient dense – ?????????”

“Thanks Jane, may your life be one of great joy. We all need to to work to attaining our highest vibration, or highest consciousness beyond the ego. We only need about 15% of humans to do this to manifest a shift in humanity creating a new greater world to live in. The work you do contributes greatly to this shift.”


“I showered with the coconut oil …was impressive as to how it cleans.
Then applied the Rejuvenate organic castor oil afterwards….not even sticky….It’s absolutely awesome. The stress shake was also yummy with Banana and blue berries. So excited to see what happens to my health now.
So great to meet you! Thanks for your amazing products. Going to get Brad to try them and hopefully his life will turn around.”


“Another miracle medicine week here at 365 HBC STABILISED the insulin resistant, high BS, high BP lady after she stopped all 8 meds STABILISED LYMES, Morgellons, MYCOPLASMA, Engineered fungus, mould, bacteria and “virus”, DDT, insecticides, Glycophosphate nuclear active, radiation, chemical and environmental toxicity eating away at the immunity and cells of the body – performed LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS and saw the critters incl G Ox”


“Insulin-dependent and glucophage tabs (last 15 years) – in two weeks off both and blood sugar stable at 6
????- this took courage and I am so proud of him” ???


“Client lost nearly 2 kg in 10 days – Quantum (QUEX ED, EDUCTOR, SCIO), fat go, zeolite, cell vitality 02, DMSO, Flaxseed oil, liver cleanse”


“16 year old with severe Lymes disease and emotional turmoil – restored health and confidence in 2 weeks – able to face her father without emotion – just non-judgemental awareness – mother delighted – so beautiful to see young people shift so quickly and not carry these emotions into their marriages, influence their children, 50’s, 60’s and onwards” – ???

LYME’s DISEASE severe GIT problems and could hardly eat- vax’d

“Lady early 60’s tried everything in the book – within 3 weeks stable – she saw how her blood had changed from and enormous amount of parasites, oil pools gone (was on MCT oil -heated and olive oil), energy levels up, eating, happy face – sent her husband and daughters for assessments- I am sooo happy for her and well done to her for trusting and getting on with the healing” ???

Mauritius Client Nutrients

“I’m amazed by all the powerful supplements and ingredients you supply! That smoothie mix is incredible”

Smoothie mix

“I love it and not a day goes by without me having my daily essentials contained in the Stress Defence Smoothie Boost. It’s addictive.”
Cape Town

“I honour you ???✨⚡️and your relentless commitment to yourself

What a change or should I say transformation in my body since I have started with your natural healing products. This one aspect of my life was the one I was looking to take care of but was looking for the right products or person who could guide me and you came along .?
Now I can say this physical part of me is catching up with other things I have been doing for years and years . Now I can talk about alignment with the different parts of all my systems . My physical body was far away from the work I have been doing to keep a healthy mind or bring peace in my emotional and spiritual world. Thank goodness, today I am so proud of being now doing this amazing work with you Jane . It is not just a body anymore. It is the center which is housing my soul or higher self . It is the temple, my temple and I see every day how this temple is becoming more and more alive as I heal it through your natural products. I am witnessing and feeling every day so much love and life in it . I see it with a new look and pay more attention to my new relationship with it now.
Today, It is my great companion and best friend. I see and know now the value of this body and my responsibility to keep it alive on this amazing journey .
Thank you Jane , you are the best in your field of teaching us to heal and love all that we are .
May life give you more ideas and inspirations to continue empowering those who are ready to do our own inner work .
Love and sincere gratitude to you Jane .
Thank you ??”

I am feeling ok thanks Jane.  What I am noticing though is that I sleep better but I just want to give it a few days to see if it’s a long lasting pattern

I am looking forward to getting healthy & feeling well again.   Just this thought has brought a lot of positivity in my outlook in life

“Hi Jane,
I m filling amazing after the gold blader flash thank you”

Look at this reversal from extreme ILLNESS to WELLNESS. we put her on a few 02 drips and out Reset/Restore/Rejuvenate plan

“Hi Jane

Friday afternoon after work:
– Went to two different shops. Usually I dread going to shops, due to lack of energy.

– Painted first coat of paint over a bed side table
– Went to three different shops to look for lights
– Came home and painted second layer

– Baked a large batch of healthy savoury muffins
– Went to a shop
– Finished painting bed side table (including first layer of glaze)
– Baked a large batch of gluten-free choc chip cookies

– Went to a shop after work
– Painted second layer of glaze and completed finishing touches

* Going to any shop is a big thing for me and I always feel worse after returning from shops. I avoid going to shops as far as possible, but this weekend I felt I had the energy to do so and I didn’t feel like collapsing upon returning home.
* Couldn’t believe my energy levels over the weekend.
* I’m feeling better every day.
* Can’t remember the last time I baked cookies. First time since meeting Louis (Oct 2014) that I’ve baked cookies for him (or anyone).

I’m extremely grateful. To God be all the glory. Thank you, Jane”

“Hi Jane,
Can’t tell you how good we feel after almost 3 weeks into our detox!! We’ll book reassessments for 2 weeks time, can’t wait to see! And not one drop of alcohol”

“Dear Jane
The nurse from Rand aid visited me today and she could not believe how good I look and that my skin was so soft. Also that my rash was gone thanks Jane.”

“Thanks to Jacksons Real Food Market for providing the opportunity for us to meet and assist Alfons (and the many many other customers we have had the privilege to assist over the past few years)”