Quantum Devices

Devices purchased through this site includes 3 hours x 5 sessions with 365 HBC 

Device price includes 1 week training on Nutrition, Detox and Disease in relation to the software (5 hours a day)

QUEX S – SCIO =  €7500

Device price includes 1 week training on Nutrition, Detox and Disease in relation to the software (5 hours a day)

QUEX ED – Eductor = €21500 

( 1/3 Down Payment)

Q-450 = R19 993


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This is a new common-sense method of modern medicine that is health motivated rather than just symptom control. (Dr Janos Selye)

Stressors block the flow – Stress reduction is the Key to Medicine

When stressors weaken the defences of the body, the weakest link of the body (from Nature to Nurture) is most prone to distress and disease

Some Causes of Stress:

  • Lack of awareness or lack of education
  • Stress
  • Heredity
  • Mental factors (Greed, anger, delusion, arrogance, etc)
  • Allergy
  • Bad posture, breathing or lack of exercise/movement
  • Toxicity
  • Trauma or injury
  • Pathogens (microorganisms, bacteria, fungus, virus, prions, GMO, worms, etc.)
  • Perverse energy (heat, cold, wind, dryness, radiation, magnetic, etc.)
  • Deficiency of excess of nutrients


Ancient Healing meets Quantum Technology

The Ultimate in Stress Detection & Reduction

Towards a Safe and Effective truly Modern Medicine

For Better Health – Physical, Mind, Emotional and Spiritual

For Humans, Animals, Nature and the Earth

(Desire Dubounet/Prof W Nelson)


Jane Mackenzie’s Method of Healing:

  1. Determine the Root Cause of Disease
  2. Validate the Root Cause of Disease
  3. Realign the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit by:
  • Raising cell vitality through cellular pH, nutrition, detox, immunity and DNA balancing using:
  • Quantum Biofeedback, Food State Nutrients, Quantum Alchemical Gold Minerals in M+ State, Oxygen, Magnetism and Beneficial Microbes
  • Restoring balance to health as well as economic, environment, ecology, food, sustainability, education, relationships, vocation and hereditary factors
  • Achieving happiness, fulfilment, transcendence, freedom, abundance and holism
  1. Tracking progress through validation and verification
  2. Thereby, achieving our Purpose through a natural state of Well-Being using natural Quantum Medicine, Food State Nutrients and the Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

As a Pharmacist and Biofeedback Therapist, Jane has a fundamental understanding of the physiological and psychological relationships between presenting problems and the causal physiological dysfunction causing or contributing to them. Jane recognises a human, holistic approach to healing is critical and identifies the catalysts required which can shift a person from Illness to wellness and works with other licenced natural health professionals.

Biofeedback therapists treat patients with any concern, but they do not treat or diagnose diseases directly. Biofeedback Therapists need to work within the medical system and other clinicians for safety and professionalism. They must know how to perform a good competent psychophysiological recording and to educate, raise self-awareness and be responsible for the client