IV O2 Maximiser Drip – On the GO! 15 mins


  • ZAR: R 632.01
  • EUR: €30.77
  • GBP: £26.58
  • AUD: $51.34

Feeling tired, stressed, worn out or simply had enough  ……..  The On-the-Go! O2 Maximiser IV 15 drip Drip at the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Centre in Bryanston will Reset, Restore & Rejuvenate you as we high Life Force Nourishment and Detoxification processes will raise Energy levels, Immunity, Detox and De-Stress you in minutes


Please note, due to fluctuations in Rand/Dollar exchange, prices are subject to change from time to time.


OXYGEN is the noblest of all earthly nutrients to detox the body. Low oxygen levels lead to acidity, inflammation, stress, low energy and cell death. The O2 Maximiser range of infusions maximise your health and vitality through nourishment and detoxification. The IV drips offer fast, safe, effective and affordable oxygen and nutrients.  You have a choice to Think Clearly and Live Productively 365 days of the year ….Live your life to the full, no longer be compromised by stress, dis-ease, degeneration, pain, inflammation, blood circulation, blood sugar, weight, low immunity, organ damage, auto-immunity, parasite, toxins, fertility, sexual, gut-brain, migraines, concentration and focus issues….whatever the symptom or disease, we find the root cause and minimize the risks to reach maximum sustainable health and well-being levels naturally.

See our list of oral and IV products and…..  don’t delay….book today. The 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE Centre is open 24/7 to book for Consultations and the IV drip clinic



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