Infra-Red Sauna 30 minutes


  • ZAR: R 349.00
  • EUR: €17.00
  • GBP: £14.67
  • AUD: $28.35

What is Far Infra-red?

The sun’s rays have electromagnetic energy. Infra-Red is part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum and we feel it as heat which is fundamental to or survival. Infra-Red heat is also called ‘radiant heat’, a form of energy that heats objects directly without heating the air inbetween. Modern science has proved that this part of the suns’ invisible spectrum is highly beneficial for the human body. The far infrared (14 micron)rays occur at the end of the spectrum where they can penetrate3-4 cm into the organs, tissues and cells of the body. The therapeutic benefit increases for a few days after treatment.

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How does the detoxification occur?

Apart from the immune system-stimulating effects of sweat therapy, many think of it as one of the most effective and painless detoxifying treatments available. Sweat contains almost the same elements as urine, and for this reason, the skin is sometimes called the third kidney. It is estimated that as much as 30% of bodily wastes are eliminated by way of perspiration, and during sauna, the body perspires profusely.

Far Infra-Red and Sauna therapy can be used to remove stored and circulating fat, fat-stored chemicals such as pesticides, PCBs, drug residues and parasites from the body. Only recently has conventional medicine caught up with this practice and begun to incorporate Far Infra-Red Sauna therapy in the orthodox treatment protocols for degeneration. Detoxification allows the body to reset and heal.

Functions of Far Infra-red Sauna:

  • Vibrant health
  • Detoxification
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain relief and diminished inflammation
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Removes toxins
  • Weight loss and body shaping
  • Reduces stress
  • Skin and beauty
  • Helps and increases the circulation of blood flow
  • Deep relaxation
  • Liver detoxification
  • Improves sleep


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