Gut Parasite Detox box


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Gastrointestinal, Liver, Pancreas & Lung
Fluke & Worm Detox

General worms and flukes of the liver, pancreas, lung and gastrointestinal
Capsules containing powdered Jungus nigra (Black walnut hull) 330mg,
Artemesia absinthium (Wormwood) 330mg, Syzgium aronaticum (Clove)
The powders have been shown to be more effective than the tinctures

Evidence suggests that Gold Parastop has the following benefits:
Worms and flukes of the liver, pancreas, lung and
gastrointestinal tract, e.g., Round worm, Pinworm, Hook worm
and Tapeworm

Adult Oral: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at night before food for 30
days. Stop for a week then repeat for 30 days. This is essential to cover the life
cycle of the organism. Children <12 years half the adult dosage (open the
capsule and give half to the child)
Children < 12 years: Half the adult dosage
Lactating, Pregnant mothers and infants < 1 years to consult a doctor

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