The NADA approach results in a non-verbal approach encouraging deep relaxation, clearing neurological pathways, adopting new ways to approach life, emotional clearing and organ detoxification.

This 5-needle point protocol is aimed to:

  • Balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic system allowing the client to relax as they are bathed in endorphins (serotonin/dopamine) allowing the involuntary systems to flow such as the circulation, digestion and elimination.
  • The Shenmen point scatters old neurological pathways and patterns making way for new ways of doing things and raising the emotional platform for optimal functioning.

The the organs are cleared from emotions and toxins

  • Liver (aggression and anger)
  • Kidney (fear)
  • Lung (sadness and grieving)

After a 45-minute session the patient feels a deep sense of calmness and centeredness.

Especially good for addictions, mental fixations and emotional release