Stress Relief, Anti-aging, Weight Loss & Immunity Boost

  • Live Dark Field Blood Analysis
  • Quantum Health Evaluation and Treatment Plan(11 000) Identification of Root Causes, Validation if Risk Factors and Body Realignment
  • Nutrition, Detox, Immunity and Lifestyle programmes
  • Edu-Talks on stress, anti-aging, weight loss, immunity. causes of disease and sustainability
  • Select one of the following: 1 x Infra-Red Pvt/Shared 14-micron SAUNA 30 mins or

1 x Infra-red 8 micron + OZONE tub 30 mins

  • 1 x Chocolate Stress Defence Shield Smoothie > 30 nutraceuticals
  • Forest walks amongst 600 indigenous trees in a mini botanical garden
  • Bird spotting
  • Relax on the spiral wooden Deck
  • Relax near the water-featured Pond
  • Relax near the water-featured Pool
  • Relax in the Tranquillity Octagon-domed lounge
  • Relax in the Detox Centre’s garden
  • View the Biodynamic Organic Food Gardens, compost heaps, worm farms and beehives
  • Experience Sustainable Living: solar panels, water tanks and inside-outside living spaces

Bookings for 4 or more people