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NEW 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE O2 Drip and IV Infusion Lounge – Bryanston

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About the Centre:

The  Centre offers you an opportunity to regenerate yourself. The focus in on restoring our Natural Harmonic Balance.

  1. Natural Health Specialist, Regenerative Nutrition Consulting Pharmacist focusing on anti-aging, DNA reset, nutrigenomics using Nutrient Dense Foods, detoxification and purification of the body using products she has compounded, Live blood analysis, Acupuncture, SCIO, QRMA,
  1. Owner and compounding pharmacist for 365 Healthy by Choice Ormus Gold Nutrient Dense Foods for the Future range of products
  1. Professional speaker and webinar presenter
  2. Delivery of courses, workshops and seminars
  3. Works with a team of professionals at a cancer practice
  4. Consultant in Sustainable Green, Living and Biodynamic food growing