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First Virtual, Global Quantum Health
Gold Affiliate Referral Business

  • All self-responsible to be case studies- No entrance fee, 5 products per month min or more to be purchased
  • Marketing: Affiliates to know their dashboard, market to their referrals and stimulate repurchase. The referrals will be included in the 365 main company data base and will be exposed to general company marketing of events etc. However, all purchases will be for the Affiliates account using their link, once the referral has signed up, they are signed up permanently. Affiliates to send out provided marketing info with their link onto social media to the company’s target markets.
  • 12% on all Consultations, Products and Courses for personal use and on purchases made by their referral clients who sign up with their link (365 HBC not responsible for reconciling accounts not registered under the Affiliates link at the end of each month). This is an automated company e commerce platform.
  • (Special promotion excluded from devices as the referral fee will be at the company’s discretion and will vary according to the profit received by the company)
  • Once-off referral fees are paid for referrals of retailers, practitioners and franchise centres
  • Special Promotion on main company events and special events run by Jane Mackenzie, depending on revenue generated

Our focus is on assisting high achieving individuals and organisations
achieve more wealth and return and education levels by putting HEALTH FIRST

After approval you will receive your Affiliate Link and you can begin purchasing
All signed up 365 HBC INTERCONNECT Affiliates will be invited to product and
service training on Monday’s at 5 pm via on-line meetings which will be posted on:

INTERCONNECT Affiliate section of this website

WhatsApp chat link


There will be orientation meetings on weekdays at 4 pm for you to invite your
referrals and where they can ask questions

365 INTERCONNECT Affiliates get:

  • Natural health training
  • Business training
  • Natural product training
  • Career plan via certificate and internationally recognised courses
  • Earn from commission and business referrals

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